Big belly PFD

I am one of the big belly guys. I can not find a PFD that does not ride up over my belly and push everything into my face.No model I own will go all the way down under my belly, they just don’t reach down like that. Any brand or model better at staying down when you are in the water. Hope I have not grossed anyone out.

Dis fat boy too…

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Wha Ho, Pilgrim;

Ah's still have a 34 inch waist (but a 38 inch overhang, hahaha), so dis boy knows wat yer be frettin' about. Me'reckon's de ExtraSport Retroglide Sabre be de most comfortable fer me gut an' stays put - an' ah's tried on many, many vests over the years working de canoe & kayak dept in an outdoor store. None really fit too well until ah's tried de Sabre. "Eureka!" ah's says. "Me found one dat fits!" The Astrals didn't fit me at all - nice vests but fit me like a spare tire around me blubber. Ah's still use a ol' Stolquist Max vest which fits OK too. Anywho, dats be me opinion. Just keep on tryin' vests.

Fat Elmo

I have no
idea what you said . . . even tho I’m dyslexic I still can’t read it.

Dyslexic of the world untie!!

Wes Boyd’s PFDs for Big Guys (and Gals)

Inflatable pfd’s usually will fit well
built tummies.

try Cabelas they had a big blue thing
I bought one from them four years ago - I call it the giant blue thing with lots of straps.


See if you can find a Lotus Mildwater XL, this one works for me but I dare not gain a pound, not that I’d want to. I have heard a rumor that they are going to be sold out to Patagonia - so don’t hesitate to look hard for one quickly.


I used the big blue thing with straps from Cabelas in the two years I kept on trying on different life jacket type things.

Kokakat MS Fit
Find one of the PFD’s that are made for a short torso like the Kokatat MS Fit. Although it is “made for a woman”, it works well for men with bellies and also breasts:)

You can’t wear one OVER the belly and expect it to stay down as that is the widest part of your body and anything adjusted for it, will slide up over the smaller parts.


Like Fat Elmo Says
The Extrasport Retroglide Sabre is the most comfortable I’ve ever tried on. First tried one on 2 years ago and been wanting one ever since, but didn’t want to part with that much money. Found one on sale this spring, and wish I had bought one sooner! WW

Extrasport Retroglide Sabre
Diddo on the Extrasport Retroglide Sabre. And it comes in XXL! Try on line at Sierra Trading Post. I found one there for a very good price.

Front zip that I leave unzipped with the belt buckled at the bottom. This allows air to hit chest.

Astral Thai
Not to compare belly sizes, but I have what I consider a big gut and I found the Astral Thai model (shown in my profile photo) to fit comfortably and not ride up.

MSFit Tour
I just bought this. They don’t have an XXL but the XL works for me. Great fit and I don’t have boobs. lol. I also tried the Extrasport retroglide but it was too low for me. It is made for a taller person. Probably over 6 feet.