Big Bend Florida

Any FIRST HAND experience on Florida’s Big Bend Paddling trail? Campsite conditions? Fresh water availability etc? Thank you in advance!

Big Bend
We did the Big Bend Trail from top (Aucilla) to bottom (Suwannee) in the spring of 2006. Pics and a complete travel log are on our website at:

A couple of notes. First, buy the chart book put out by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. It is invaluable to the paddler wanting to FIND and stay at the backcountry campsites. Although we also took NOAA charts of the area, we used only this guide (and a couple of GPS units) to find our way.

Speaking of GPS, take one and plug in the campsites in advance. Finding some of the campsites is challenging as the low lying grasses all look the same.

Getting drinking water wasn’t too difficult. Most everyday (or at least every other) you will come across some place to refill. We tended to carry two days to three days worth at any given time just to be on the safe side and always had plenty.

Finally, watch the tides. Parts of the trail and some of the campsites can only be accessed at high water. Several times we ended up doing more walking than paddling.

Happy paddling!

great trip report!

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