Big Bend Saltwater Trail FL

We have the guidebook and wonder if any of you have suggestions on what not to miss.

We were thinking of getting on the water at Econofina and off at Steinhatchee. Though there is road access that does not seem to be a trip that is reservable online.

Trip options for some reason unknown to me are limited to these

We’d probably like to have four days on the Trail as chemotherapy for me might make me have to come back to Maine sooner than later.

days are already taken ? or not…let us know.


don’t know
I hope to make this trip. But have to have surgery and then find out an approximate chemo schedule.

Google is no help… I am just looking for the possibility of an Econofina-Steinhatchee trip.

Here’s a link…
to Florida Paddling Trails Assoc. It has quite a bit of information, as well as Trail Keeper contacts.

For a taste of what to see and the history of the area, Doug Alderson’s book “Waters Less Traveled” is an interesting and entertaining read.

And do stay strong in your battle with cancer. My dear wife was given 3-5 years to live with hers. It’s been 8 1/2 and she’s still living in remission. Thanks be to God!

I hope I’ve helped some,


We will also be paddling around Cedar Key… Third return visit… we like the area.