Big blue canoe

I would like some help identifying this canoe. I picked it up as a reclamation project. Replaced gunwhales and patched a few holes through the hull.

It is very thin white fiberglass.

Gunwhales were very thin, 1/2 square inside and 1/2 by 3/4 outside.

There didn’t appear to be any decks.

The decal of the duck is inside on the bow flotation.

Painted on the outside with no gelcoat.

18 ft long

Aluminum thwarts

Sliding bow and stern tractor seats

This canoe has tremendous carrying capacity. It is also very fast in the water.

Is it 18 feet long, or 18.5? It looks
like it was designed for racing, where most classes allow 18.5 and most builders take full advantage of it. The light construction suggests that ordinary tripping was not contemplated. The depth of the hull might suggest that it was to be raced in class 1-2 whitewater or on lakes where big waves could be a problem.

As for the duck, Groucho Marx would give you $100 if you could say the magic word.

looks like a retrofit
From your pictures it looks like some one took a stock boat and pulled in and pushed out the gunwales to make a faster paddling boat. If the rails look original it might be a Mad river boat since they seemed to like bigger outwales. If it has no float tanks it could be a prototype.

Or if no HIN
Another possibility is that it was made in 'glass by a small builder or a canoe club, with lines taken off a similar boat. Just a thought, as I know little about old racing/cruising canoes.

That Duck

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Was the logo of the Memphremagog Canoe Co of Newport Vt circa early 80's. As I remember they only made 2 models. The 16 WWOC-1 and the 18'6' WWOC-2. Prior to Memphremagog the same owner builder had The Common Canoe Co of Craftsbury Vt that also had a duck as a logo and built the same 2 models.

Sounds like the duck has come down
from the ceiling with the prize in its OldBill.

Mr. Canoehead, your surmise is a good one. Back in the 70s, quite a few 18’ 6" FG boats were made on club molds for USCA racing. They were copied from successful strippers rather than any commercial model. Our old Moore Voyageur is essentially a deepened version of those club boats.

I googled it, and
It looks like they also made, at least, models called Triathlon II, Triathlon I (solo, slick looking), and Catamount II. Found in Dec. 1985 (pg. 96) issue of Popular Mechanics, of all places!

Dec 1985

172 pages

Vol. 162, No. 12

ISSN 0032-4558

Great recollection OldBill!