Big Boy Boat

I have storage and transport limitations and I am looking to upgrade my 12ft rec kayak. I am 6ft 2in and 265lbs. I am trying to find a boat in the 14-15.5 ft range. Any suggestions? I tried the WS Tsunami 145 but it felt like a barge. Thanks, Barry

is a possibility. I have not paddles one, but I am told that it has good manners. My 500 fits me well, 5’-10" & 285.


Cooldoc can give you more testimonials but the Prijon Calabria at 14’5" would be worth looking at.

See you on the water,


Prijon Calabria
Me - 6 foot 8 at 285 pounds. Size 14 pigs.

I really like my prijon Calabria. It is accomodating and comfortable. The Touryak would be another choice and it has a bigger cockpit area than the Calabria.


PRIJON! Those plastic boats?..
…own 3 of them.

Check out their Touryak too.

Not only is the plastic VERY strong, other

features like adjustable thigh braces and far

more comfortable foot pegs are BIG selling points

for the Prijons.

Merlin XT