Big Boy Kayak, Seda Viking Max

Went to the Southwind Kayak Expo here in CA last weekend. Seda had a number of boats on the water, including their Viking-Max.

Now that is a big boat. I’ve paddled a Necky Eskia, which is supposed to be about the same size. But the Viking just seemed bigger. Their web site says the cockpit is 33 inches long, although I could swear the paper flier at the Expo said 36 inches. What ever it was, there was a ton of room for me to lift up my knees and clear the cockpit. Plenty of room for my size 12 feet with shoes on. I think there would be room for even bigger and taller paddlers.

The two reviews here on Pnet are positive. It seemed tippy to me at first, but after about 10 minutes I was more comfortable in it. Besides I’ve only rented and paddled a few sea kayaks in the last 12 months. Sure wish they could have left it with Southwind for the rental fleet for the summer.

Anyone else have thoughts on the Viking? Seda?


Same Hull As Seda Revenge
The Viking is the same hull as the Seda Revenge Sit On Top. I had one and traded it off.

Really a pretty decent boat. I traded it because it was too heavy at about 65#. Much heavier than the advertised weight at the time. Seda has revised the specs, but I would still be skeptical about their weight specs. If you buy new, make sure you check the wieght on the boat, first

Seda prices have increased pretty dramaticly over the last year. You might look for a used model.

Did you ever take it out in the ocean?
Barracuda, thanks for your reply. Seda claims 48 pounds for FG, sounds like they are low balling that. Otherwise looks like you liked the boat well enough, well constructed etc?

Did you ever take it out to the Ocean? Have it out in choppy or rough conditions? Do you think it would be a good boat for a realitively new kayaker? It is 25 inches wide, which should be plenty, but the hull design will play a big part also.

Thanks Again for your time.


Out To Seal Rock Off Santa Cruz
I took it offshore when I first got it. I thought it handled well in some pretty big swells, and chop

TsunamiChuck has it now, and his wife takes it out on Lake Tahoe. I think that is a pretty high recommendation as a beginner boat.

48# in fiberglass? Frankly, I don’t believe it. Even by the revised specs the Revenge FG is only supposed to be about 53#, and it is more like 63#

I spend a lot of time wrestling boats every weekend so weight is important to me. And I don’t like to have a boat I need help with. That is why I traded it to Chuck. He’s not any bigger than me, but younger, and in better shape. He handles an 80# tandem by himself, so he doesn’t mind the weight that much.

Thanks Barracuda
I appreciate all the good info on the Seda Revenge and your time to answer my questions.

Now this TusnamiChuck gentleman, seems like quite the fellow. Lifting 80# boats, pulling motorboats through the Golden Gates with his kayak, and giving away his extra cloths to passing strangers, to name a few of his feats.

I am impressed, Don