Big Cypress Bayou (Texas)

Would Big Cypress Bayou around highway 43 and Caddo Lake State Park be suitable for a novice kayaker(and old geezer)?

Sure wood
Thats a pretty flat paddle and this time of year there should not be much boat traffic. There are at least two places to duck into the lake too although its pretty low.

OK. Thanks. I have had a kayak about four years but not much time with it and that on flatwater lakes. I thought that area looked inviting. I need to take a class but the DFW area is a little inconvenient

Big Cypress is a pretty paddle. If you
fish, it can be good. Be aware, however, that there is a mercury advisory for fish from the bayou. You can eat them, but need to limit quantity. The Sabine is another good place to paddle, though it was a bit low the last time I passed over it.

Appreciate the info
I cross the upper Sabine frequently at several places. I wanted to get a little more experience before trying to paddle it. And, as you say, it’s pretty low now.

yak ya be paddling Capt. I am over that way , often might run into ya. Chris

Just have
a little Old Town Otter. Had it about 4 years but done very little paddling. Hope to do more. I thought it would be a pretty good boat to start out in.