Big Cypress Florida

My Grandad hunted it in the 30’s and 40’s and talked of it fondly. Has anyone paddled there. Would you make it your February or March vacation destination?

not alone
I am only aware of two day trips.

I have done both but in conjunction with a much longer Everglades trip out of the Gulf Coast Ranger Station.

Good hiking farther inland in Big Cypress which I have not doe.

We will be there,

Come on down and we can lead you on some nice trips.

I know of at least five, and on some of them you can get in the back country where very few people go.

Make your reservations for camping now at Collier Seminole State Park.

If you wait any longer you won’t get a site.



Are you gonna share the other three?

I know where to find you…keep em secret.

I am surprised to find Collier Seminole remains busy through the warm times. Nice campground and nice staff.

I love to share them
-But only with people who are nature lovers and are willing to be masters of their own fate!

The East River is as good as it gets.

Out to Fakahatchee Bay, (my favorite word when I am in that neck of the woods) and we discovered a cut off of it that we are working on (using Google earth and some good old fashion bush whacking) that cuts over to the Fakahatchee River where you would head west out to Fakhatchee Bay, (did I mention how much I like saying that), and then make a loop coming back up East River.

Another great place is the Faka-Union Canal. There are several places off of it before reaching the 10,000 Islands Wild Life refugee where you can get into the back country and go all day.

The first one is on the right heading west just beyond the last bits of civilization, and then another is just before the mouth on the left into the Faka-Union River, (did I say how much I enjoy saying that word) Both of them lead you into wilderness with lots of small side creeks to explore.

Also if you go the full three miles down the Faka- Union Canal out to the 10,000 Islands the opportunities are endless out there for exploring some of the remote outer islands with nice sandy beaches(but thats out of Big Cypress Preserve) and open for another discussion, wich the OP wasn’t asking about…

The ones you mentioned above are all great, but on those you are liable to bump into tours of tourists by the outfitters.

If you were at Collier Seminole this past winter, you hit it in the first time in history where there weren’t any no-see-ums or mosquitoes.



Jack’s right
The East R trip is a great one. We followed his advice & directions & really enjoyed it. 2 Winters ago the Turner was often too low to paddle. We learned the hard way after accessing it from Halfway Creek & having to carry out after running out of water within .5m of Rt 41

Also, one can camp on the cheap in nearby Picayune strand SF

& paddle in 5 min from it into the Faka Union canal. The rte is visible on the map in att. link

Lotsa great paddling down that way !

No no seeums or skeeters?

There were a few in camp. Then the temp dropped to 36.

My Ontario friends introduction to Florida was swat and freeze. He brought too light a bag!