Big Dog Kayaks

I’m in the market for a new WW boat after I tore the bottom out of my last one a few weeks ago (cold water and cold old plastic are a terrible combination).

I’m looking carefully at Big Dog since I love my Valley sea kayak and I can get a good price on one. My point, what, if anything, does anyone know about Big Dog? Good, bad, anything at all?

I don’t see any connection with Valley other than they are made in the same country, which means pretty much nothing?

Bill H.

Which one?
What kind of WW paddling do you do? What are your skills and experience?

Actually, I’m demoing the Havoc. I picked it up from a friend and, While the rivers here are a bit higher than I’d like I’m taking it out to to the coast for a bit of surfing this weekend. I’ll take it to the river after the flows aren’t 30k CFS (which is WAY high when the rapids I like to play in are best at 3k).

While it’s not directly tied to Valley one of the top names within Big Dog is Peter Orton, from Valley Kayak. To say that the only link is that they are made in England is a bit of a stretch.

Are they new designs?
I don’t see anything particularly new or innovative on the web site.

In fact, to me they all look like discontinued Pyranah models.

If you’re happy with the performance, quality and price go for it.

Where are you located in the US - what state?

The Kayak Centre of Rhode Island has the full line of Big Dog Kayak in stock. If you are based in the New England area that would be the place to check them out.