big fish

So, how many pounds, lengtyh, lure? Were you fishing for northerns or just happened on it? Casting or trolling? Did you release it?

Looks like you got some sweet eat’n

there. Cought one my last time out and it was the best tasting fish ive had in a long time. I had been fishing for bass and cought an 8" chub. I put on a big hook and a steel leater and nailed a 24" pike on the first cast. The kicker is I was using ultra light rod with 14lb spider wire

that’s a nice one
I had one on that big on the Pipestone River this June. He was so big he wouldn’t fit in my net and I was afraid to bring him in the canoe with me.

Just played him until he got along side, touched his head and then released him. He splashed me when he left.

Those big pike never give up.

Here in the Anchorage area pike are
outlaw fish…you can catch them any time without limit by just any means necessary…nice fish

big pike…
I think those in the know reach down and grab em’ thru lower gills…after netting em’:wink:

Some lake up in ?? Winnepeg/Alberta/Ontario…?? woman was sort of narrator promoting their lodge…was lifting up these 4’+ freshwater barracuda…unreal.