Big Guy sea kayaks

6’4", 250lb,size 13. Four years experience, questionable roll…fairly solid bracing.I’m looking for a new boat. Considering the Capella 173 or Capella 166 RM. Currently have rudder dependancy and would like to change (have a CD Storm). Great Lakes primary paddle ground. Also considering Valley Aquenaut HV RM. Primarily as day boats, since the Storm handles week long trips. Have allready crossed Impex Assategue, QCC500 and Prijon Kodiak off the list for a variety of reasons. I may want to add a rudder at a later date…lots of following/quartering sea paddling…it’s just easier for me with a rudder…but I’m sure there are different opinions, and I’m willing to give the skeg a fair chance. Thanks in advance for any first hand response.

Two candidates
The Atlantis Titan and Nimbus Telkwa are two nice big guy boats with rudders.

Big Guy Too
6’6", 220 lbs, size 14

The Prijon Touryak is big enough. Nice boat. Durable. Pretty similar to the Storm though.

Current Designs
Solstice Titian is another one to try.

One of the two bg ones may work wel for you. Also, Current Design Scirocco or Pereption Eclipse.

Eddyline Nighthawk 17.5
If you are near Detroit, you can check mine out. I am 6’3" 255 size 13 and it has plenty of room. It makes good speed and is very controlable with the skeg deployed at different depths. Ditch the rudder, you do not need it. IMO

Point 65N
You may also want to consider a few of the Point 65N kayaks, including the Sea Rover or even the X-Ray. They come with rudder or skeg options, and you can add a rudder at a later point as well if you start with a skeg. I think you’ll find these boats track so well it’s really not needed, though.

These are stable boats that should accommodate your shoe size and weight, and will be very good for the type of paddling you describe.

Note, I have a bias toward the Point 65N boats since I’m with a dealer. Good luck with your search!


Virginia Sea Kayak Center

If you can find them, the Old Town Millennium 174 and the Wilderness Systems Sealution XL are both great big guy sea kayaks.


similar size
173 capella gets my vote. bought one the other day. plenty of room. nice upgrade from my tsunami. try and demo one.

Impex Assateague, for sure…

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I am a big guy, not quite as tall, but a little heavier.

After progressing thru 3 other kayaks, I finally got to try the Impex Assateague. It was love at first sight & paddle,

Read my review here on the forum I did, and you have to try one.

It has enough rocker so that if you lean the boat is turns very nicely, yet there is not too much rocker that is hard to paddle straight. When I am ambitious and watch my strokes, I paddle straight without any skeg. When I am lazy, I put the skeg about 1 inch into the water, and it goes nice and straight.

The boat has a natural tendency to cock into the wind. This is a good thing, as if you lose a paddle, or become unable to steer the boat, it will point into the wind and not capsize. But a little skeg overcomes that and you can paddle whichever direction you want regardless of the wind.

The boat is great on flat water, as well as rough water. IMHO, this is the absolute best kayak for the big guy, who also wants some performance.

There are several beginners boats for the big guy, but stay off of rough water in them.

I see for some reason you crossed the Assateague off of your list, but have you ever paddled one? I'll never go back to a ruddered boat again after owning an assateague.

Worth trying an NDK high volume Explorer. I’ve talked to several guys in your category who felt they didn’t have enough comfortable room for their legs/feet in other boats & really like their NDK.