big guy sprayskirts

not for me but a paddling buddy… the tunnels on touring sprayskirts even those up to 50" fit him too tight. I know we have some big-guy paddlers here, any suggestions?

Bug Head?
Try Scott at Bug Head; their biggest size of greenland-style skirt (akuilisaq) is still a bit small, but they build them all by hand and may be able to custom make one for your friend.


Custom build
Major companies like Snapdragon will build a spray skirt to fit anyone. But like all of these things it will cost more. Maybe a lot more. I doubt you will find any stock skirt with a tunnel to fit greater than 50". Maybe a nylon tunnel and neoprene bottom?

Snapdragon and Akuilisaq options

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I have a 47" chest and am about 41'-42" at top of skirt tube - so can't say for sure at 50" - but I do have quite a bit of adjustment room left on my Large Glacier Trek tunnel.

Their Sea Tour tube comes in XL and goes up to 55" - but the Glacier Trek Tube is much nicer and worth a call about possibility of a custom tube in XL size. They tend to be pretty accommodating to custom requests - and this should be and easy one (since large goes pretty big, I can understand it not being stock). Customs I've heard about have not run a lot more than standard price (maybe $10-$20 up charges is all I've heard of).

Might be best to skip an all neo - exception being a custom Akuilisaq due to cone vs tube shape. I can tell you a Brooks XL Akuilisaq will likely NOT be enough. I can fit a large if I have to, but it's quite tight, XL is a lot better but still fairly snug without tightening the cord at all. While an XL will certainly stretch to 50"+ I don't think it would be very comfortable. A custom (does Brooks do custom?) from them or Bughead or other certainly would work though.

spray skirt
An oversized tunnel will “not” cost you alot more. The custom sizing on a skirt is usually around 10%. I’ve had several custom sized skirts made, no biggy. Snapdragon as well as Seals make them in this country, others too.

I have a Snap Dragon Sea Trek and didn’t realize they had a 55" option, that might work… we’ll give them a call