Big Guy

I am a big guy. I weigh 385 but I am shrinking. 6 weeks ago I weighed 440 pounds. I began dieting and walking and riding my bike. I have always wanted to try kayaking but have always been too big. It would get used on ponds and lakes for exercise. Are there any kayaks out there designed for a large person like myself?

How about a canoe? There are many

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and they give you freedom to move you will not get in a kayak.Look at the Odyssey 15.

Or a kayak like this.

A canoe is a thought. My 8 and 6 year old would probably prefer it seeing how they would get to enjoy it also. There is something about a kayak that just appeals to me more. Not ruling out canoes, just exploring kayaks.

I know how you feel. I paddle canoes
but love my kayak.

fitting in a kayak is a good goal
i am large too. i prefer a canoe.

fitting in a kayak is a good goal
i am large too. i prefer a canoe.

Congratulations! 55 pounds in 6 weeks
is truly amazing and not done without a lot of hard work.

Try a tandem
If you go with a tandem kayak you can still bring your daughter along with you and still paddle it solo

Iā€™d get a big sit on top
Maybe a Wilderness systems Ride or a Cobra fish and dive. If you are that big your mobility might not be that good yet and you want something you can get into and out of easily.

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