BIG guy's kayak?

I have a BIG friend (6’5") who wants a real sea kayak. He eventually wants to camp and use a GP. Best big guy’s boat?



His weight is

6’5" is tall
You know weight matters

Big or

Enjoying your retirement?
If you’re in NJ, give me a shout.

retired?? as if…
we are actually still working.

we did 20,000miles in 2015 and 17,000 this year. we will be in NJ next April/May. will keep ya posted. hows life?


not sure
I will ask. It’s actually a friend of a friend.


contact Matt K

Contact big Matt at California Canoe and Kayak for suggestions. He is 6’ 7". Of course, as asked above, weight does matter. Matt is under 200 pounds. Would fit a very different boat than a 6’7" linebacker.

If you want, I can connect you with mat directly.


Life’s is good
I’m healthy, retired 2 years ago. We have traveled to Italy, England, Germany and this Christmas we’ll be back to England (daughter and family living there), we’re taking my son and his family as well. Taking a side trip to Krakow, Poland as well.

Still paddle as much as possible.

Good to hear from you!

Nice gig
Your 8 day, solo on an SUP is impressive. Really like the cupside photo! You both look happy! Maybe I’ll take a class with you.

I’m 6’5" and the limiting factor for me
is leg length. If I fit in a kayak it is usually tight. The only one I’ve paddled that gave me some adjustment room is a Tempest 180.

Tempest 180
My husband is 6’5", 250lbs. and the one time I convinced him to come out with me (he has terrible knees, shoulders, and back), they put him in a Tempest 180 and he did fit. Since he’s not comfortable doing just about anything, I won’t take his discomfort paddling as any indicator haha.

Unfortunately they don’t make the 180 anymore but could maybe find one used.

Largest paddler
The largest paddler I’ve known was 6’8" and 330#. He paddled an Ecobezhig but there should be a few large expedition kayaks that would do.

my .02c
I’m 6’5", size 15 foot, 230 lbs. These days a lot of boats fit (and even more don’t). My big boat is a Current Designs Isle, which I love. My everyday boats are the P & H Hammer, Prijon Combi, Prijon Marlin, and Prijon Yukon. I also love all of these. A tempest 180 should fit, the big Tsunami, the big Capella, the big North Shore, Manitou 14, etc. Then it just becomes personal preference.

If you are near the Pacific Northwest, then you might try to sit in a Sterling Grand Illusion. Sterling phoned me up and asked for my measurements including inseam before placing the footpegs and front bulkhead. (I’m, 6’2" 220 lbs)


My big guy short list
I’m 6’2, maybe 6’3 on a good day, and unfortunately at 250lbs now. I fit in a P&H Delphin 155 just fine and it paddles well for a short day boat.

I have a Nigel Foster Shadow built by Seaward that I use as a touring boat, and it works pretty good but not great, have to be careful not to overload it with weight otherwise it can bog down. Has lots of foot room for my size 13s, and I know guys taller and bigger than me who can fit in the boat just fine. Another drawback may be I can barely sit and get my legs in, someone taller might have to sit on the back deck and slide in. Also a boat you have to pay attention to with the hard chines and flatish bottom, but surfs like a dream.

I’d check out a Tiderace Explore XL as well, for a big skegged cruiser.

Impex Assateague
I’m 6’2", 220 lbs and the Impex Assateague is the only boat I’ve paddled that I enjoy for touring. If the extra 3" your friend has on me is in the legs he might be out of luck with this boat because I’m about at the limit there. It’s highly recommended for larger paddlers.

Lots of big high volume boats have felt like bathtubs to me, but this one is very nimble and fast.

They went out of business a couple of years back but apparently they are being made from the same molds by another company now. I’d love to hear some accounts on how the new ones are working out.

Web site isn’t great, but all the specs are there…

buying new
If you are looking at new kayaks some companies like Current Designs will move pedals and bulkheads forward for more room in composite boats.

Some options

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Here's what I would suggest

Venture Jura - regularly $1600
P&H Scorpio HV Corelite X $2100 (just arrived
Impex Assateague $3152 - $4450
P&H Cetus HV $4000-$5700

See you on the water,
The River Connection, Inc.
Hyde Park, NY

At 6’-5", your height is not a problem for a lot of boats. The Current Designs Isle has already been mentioned and I second that. Novus Composites in Tacoma, Washington builds the 19’-2" Expedition, which is supposed to fit up to 6’-8" humans. I’m only 6’-2", but it fits me fine too. Other than the NC Expedition and the Current Designs Isle, I would also suggest looking at the full sized Valley Nordkapp, the full sized P&H Cetus, Stellar Intrepid, Valley Etain, and the Sterling Grand Illusion. The NDK Explorer would be good too if you can find one.

Go to to see the Expedition. It is everything they say it is and a whole lot more.