big guy's racing boat

I looking into a racing kayak. My criteria is a boat that will handle me, a 6’-0"/250 lb man, a boat no more than 45 lbs. and a price that is under $2500.00. I would appreciate any suggestions on a kayak. Thank you inadvance.

how about a ski?

too fast on the button…

I meant to add, some skis can handle extra weight and still be competetive…

Oscar is a big fellow and does real good!

I’d echo a ski as well. The Epic V10 and V10 Sport, in particular, have large seat wells to accomodate bigger guys. You’d run unlimited class regardless of whether it was a shorter, more stable ski, or the longer narrower siblings. If you wanted a SINK, I might recommend my Westside EFT. The hung seat could be problematic, as it’s fairly narrow, but is easily unbolted and could be replaced with a standard K-1 seat. This is usually classified in the Touring class-it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Another decent option might be the new Kayakpro Marlin. It’s touted as the larger version of the Nemo, which has garnered a number of favorable reviews. Both have been showing up more and more at the races with decent results. (I personify them as if they paddle themselves-smile.)

I’m also considering a racer…
I’m 5’-11", 200lbs. Also interested in the Pax 20 from Really can’t decide what’ll work best for me.

XXL ICF racing kayaks
I spoke to some guy from Nelo and he told me that they had users up to 240-245 lbs (110 kg) in their Vanquish II in XXL. I am that weight and still paddle my Struer Cleaver X - but it sits low in the water:-)