Big Guy's White Water Kayak

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Hello all.....was wondering if anyone would know who makes a whitewater kayak designed for 250-300 pound weight load?
Something that will maneuver well in fast water.

Jackson Mega Rocker might be the
best bet. Also reasonably priced.

Prijon chopper…
…or maybe the USS Kitty Hawk!

Or the Super Fun
if you want more of a play boat. It goes up to 310 pounds.

h3 255 from pyranha
great all round boat with planing hull - lots of room. $899 -

give it a try



Wes Boyds Kayak Place
There used to be a very good site for larger kayaking guys and gals. Understand it is down, but you can still see the archives at

Still good info.



Thanks for all the replies
it’s why this site is #1 in my book! Have a good season!

Same issue as you. Here is what I do.
The link below will show you a pic of me in a Dagger Mamba 8.5. This is one of the newer River Runner Creek designs. I think the weight limit is about 250#. The picture of me is at about 270#. I am now at 249#. As expected, response and agility go down the more you go over the weight limit. My boat is a completely different handling now that I have shed 25# (i know the math does not add up, but I was at 274#)

I am going to go after another 25# down and see if I get a new boat again :slight_smile:

Good Luck,