Big Honkin Canoe

Should be under the boat building discussion.
It was an interesting project and weighed a ton. I donated it to the Boy Scouts.

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I saw this and thought you had a new dog boat until I saw Raina. Nice rowboat.

I have always liked big canoes. I have had two 18 1/2 footers that could haul some cargo, around an honest 900 pounds. They weighed around 65 pounds.

I still have the Old Town Guide 18 from 1951. It weighs around 90 pounds in cedar and canvas.
None of these boats have ever let me down on open water or big fast rivers. They could carry two large passengers, dogs and equipment for trips over a week.

I will never understand 14 foot canoes.

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The advertisement for the old Sawyer Charger was a picture of two guys with all of their camping equipment and a boned out moose.

the little row boat has a capacity of 500 pounds.