Big Island Lake Wilderness

Hey guys.

Looking at one last trip before the snow flys.

I am going to head up to big island lake wildnerness. Where can I find a GPS file for it with camp sites and everything else. I have a garmin 62s if that matters.

Fishing seems to be very regulated. Not a huge deal not looking to land monsters but any baits I should make sure is in my kit?

on my list…
I was just up in the Sylvania Wilderness for a week & Big Island Lake is on my list.

Check your email…

Thank you!
Thanks for the info you sent. I will have to review it all this weekend. I saw a few of the posts on the BWCA but the ones I found were a bit old.

…sure, no problem. If you have any questions on developing the map or getting it recognized by your garmin…let me know…

Hey Fishboat
Did you see an old guy named Hank in the campground? He has a blow up canoe and a small camper. I saw him last about 5 years ago, he was 81 and his knees were pretty bad then. He liked going the first two weeks of October.