Big man and reaching the cooler in winter

Ok, so I am still very new at kayaking. I purchased a used Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game 2 back in August and fell in love. Looking at trying some lake fishing during the winter this year. Problem is I would like to fish for something other then bass such as bluegill and catfish, and with my kayak the only place to store a large enough cooler is behind me. I have a mod pod system so I cannot place it in front. Being a larger guy (6’5 300) the only way I was able to reach it in the summer was to sit sideways with my feet in the water. I would prefer to not do this in cold water as the chance of tipping increases doing this move. Other then a stringer, are there any solutions that you guy’s can give me to this problem? Also on the safety stand point I am buying clothes for cold water before attempting to go as the lake is showing 50 degree F water temp.

I’ve seen people use those soft-sided tote-bag coolers between their legs for both keeping beers and fish. That might work.

Not sure if this is what you mean by stringer, but maybe a cooler floating in the water, towed behind you, would work. Attach a line to it within easy reach and pull it alongside.

50 degree water doesn’t necessitate cold weather clothing it necessitates a dry suit. You fall in at those temps and you will have a very hard time breathing. Please be careful.

I wonder if there is a better solution than a cooler. Maybe a soft, insulated bag, as suggested above

In the winter you don’t need a cooler.
You don’t need to worry about keeping your stuff cool You need to worry about keeping yourself warm, especially if you take a swim.

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