big man sea kayak.?

what would be a good sea kayak for this size.

6 feet…240 pound.aprox.

want to be comfortable…but still want speed and stability.

not to expensive…i prob will buy used anyway…under 1300 would be nice.

any info is welcome.


CD Solstice
CD Solstice is probably a good choice, the HV model has more room (high volume). There are a number of them for sale used here in the classifieds. CD makes nice boats, the Solstice is a stable one.

I’m 6’ 2" 235 13 feet
and I tested a Tsunami 165. I fit nicely, and really liked the boat. It is more in your price range perhaps?

For your price used will be the way to go.

There are a number of boats that would fit you. A NDK Explorer HV or an Impex Assateague would both be good choices.

Wilderness Systems Tempest 170
I’m almost as big as you and I’m very happy with my Wilderness Systems Tempest 170:

Agreed on Tempest 170
6’0, 215-220lbs. Tempest fits great and really enjoy the boat for paddling.

WS zephyr 160
I am 5’10", 240 pounds, love the zephyr. NIce rocker for turning, Phase 3 seat, adjustable hip, knee, lumbar, thigh support. I paddled several different manufacturers and models. If I could have test paddled a tempest may have went that way but this is a nice kayak. John

RE Big Guy
I am 253 and 6 ft. I bought an Eddyline Journey. Try one out.

P&H Capella173
Just bought one after test paddling a few boats. See thread in paddler’s discussion forum.