Big man-- SOT or SI?

I posed this question below in a thread but I think it got lost.

For a big guy (6’3"/305#) wouldn’t it be better/more comfortable for him to have a sit on top rather than a sit in? We kayak in calm waters… slow moving river, that sort of thing. Also want to fish from it. We’ve been looking at a Perception Caster. What do you think?

Thanks for any suggestions!!

Yes. So much easier to get in and out
of than a SINK. Just make sure it can handle your weight.

I checked the specs on the Caster.

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IMO, that boat is too small for a man your size. I suspect your weight is going to put it so low in the water that it will be a slug to paddle.
Case in point,I bought a 14' Necky Vector SOT that is rated to handle my 230 lbs and it does as long as I don't mind sitting in a puddle. That wasn't an issue in the summer, but in 40 deg water it isn't cool.
I think you would be much happier with a WS Tarpon 160 or a Native Watercraft.

Another option
In general, probably a 14 to 16 footer is going to work better. Check out the Pungo for SINK and the Manta Ray 14 for SOT.

Tarpon 160
One of my friends who is actually a bit heavier than you has the Wilderness System Tarpon 160 and it works great for him. Very stable and lots of room for tackle boxes, ice chests, etc.