Big mistake paddling yeterday

My wife and I are training for a long up coming race, and did a 25 mile out and back training paddle in Watauga Lake in Tenn.

When we started out, we had light and variable winds at our back, and were easily holding a 5.4 MPH pace. (Wow, peace of cake I thought, today)

Little by little the wind picked up, and by the time we turned around for our 12.5 mile trip back, it was quartering at us from the front at between ten and fifteen MPH, (probably averaging 12).

It was relentless and many times we had to both paddle on the same side until I thought our arms couldn’t take it any more.

It was the first time that I could ever remember wanting to quit with still about five miles to go, but we had to get back to the take out, so figured I might as well bite the bullet and stick it out.

When we finally got out, both of us had muscle aches where we didn’t even know we had muscles.

Needless to say the “fat burger” we had at McDonalds

on the way home really hit the spot.

jack L

Good Morning, Jack!
Glad you were able to dig deep and make it back safely. Zat vich hurts us only makes us stronga.

I wasn’t worried about making it back

Just not wanting to kill ourselves.

But yes you are right. this morning we both have that pleasant (all muscles well used) feeling !

Jack L

Might not apply in your situation, but
what we did when having to return on a long, narrow lake in Killarney, into the face of a strong wind, was to sneak along the sides of the lake. Even though we usually weren’t sheltered by anything, it seemed like the wind was rolling against the banks in a way that left some invisible soft eddies in the air. Might have cut our effort down 20%, I don’t know.

Yes, we tried that , but …
it didn’t make any difference.

We almost opted for all the bays and inlets, but we didn’t want to make a 25 miler into a forty miler.

Jack L

been there. look where you want to go and paddle. thats what they make em four. i have been told! stay safe!