BIG outdoor outfitters

There are only 3 big mail order outdoor outfitters which I can think of. I am looking for mail order outfitters that have alot to chose from. The three big ones i can think of:




Does anyone else know any others?

Another couple:
NRS,Sierra Tading Post, Cabellas, And LL Bean.

Cheers, and stay happy!


some you didn’t include

sportsman’s guide
seconds and closeout items. i get most of my outdoor clothes there. ww

cheaper than dirt and
brigade quartermaster.


One of the best for paddling equipment!

I am not sure if they still do it,
…but NRS sent us a couple of free cam-lock buckle type tie down straps a couple of years ago with a order we placed.

I think they are the best paddle sport outfitter going

Cheers, and stay happy!


Big Outdoor Outfitters
More of an across the board outfitter but take a look at bass pro shops/outdoor world, I think someone mentioned Cabellas already.



What Are You Looking For
I live in rural Idaho and use mail order quite a bit. REI, Cabela’s and NRS usually will have all I need at competitive prices.

I find Sierra Trading Post to be a scam. Their prices are the same as everyone else’s. They don’t offer any savings at all.

Campmor is where I go first when shopping for tents and repair items.

Sierra trading post seems to cloud up my e-mail with all of their “sales”. I would like to know WHICH OUTFITTER HAS THE BEST PRICES AND THE BEST SERVICE? Some have recommended some Canadian outfitters who have good products but everything is in Canadian dollars and the weight and measurements is different. Does everyone else agree NRS has the best prices?
is very good and if you are a member of the ACA you qualify for a 15% discount off of regularly priced items. They also give you a $10 discount to be used on your next purchase of $50 or more.

One other suggestion is to look at the “deals/closeouts” from

The other place to look at is NRS as others have stated. On their website ( they have a section called “great deals.” Both of these online retailers have VERY knowledgeable service departments and have EXCELLENT customer service. I have been very pleased with both of these companies.


Bass Pro shops/OutdoorWorld
Checked out their web page yesterday and they are making a huge move to be not only a large in size outdoor store but have or are building stores that will total up to about 20 or so throughout the country, most of them midwest and east coast with a couple out west. Check it out, you may have one popping up next door soon. Unfortunetly they will hurt the little mom and pop operations in the area, just like the walmarts and home depots but great for the economy.