Big Pine Creek in Pennsylvania

If anyone is familiar with this creek and can tell me a put-in above Blackwell and a take-out below Blackwell, I’d be grateful. I’d be especially grateful if you happen to have and are willing to share the long/latt coordinates for the campground I know is below Blackwell somewhere (or other put-in/take-outs). I can’t find it on Google Earth. E-mail if you’re unwilling to post on the public site.

Thanks a million. Also posted on “Advice”.

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...... I see a public parking area (parks service type for those using the Pine Creek rail trail) , right at the Rt. 414 bridge (at Blackwell) crossing Pine Creek (a concrete bridge),

follow rt.414 along Pine Creek southwestward (past Cedar Run) and it will cross over (an old frame steel bridge) again at Hilborn ,

a block past the steel bridge at Hilborn is Fern Rd. on left (just before the rail trail crosses over 414 again) , there is a big white square sign (all I can make out is A.A. ??) at the entrance to Fern Rd. advertising something but there is camp trailers parked there (??) ,

keep following rt. 414 along Pine Creek past Hilborn area and you will come to Wolfe's general Store (570-753-8551) , they sell gas also ,

a block past Wolfe's (next right) is Slate Run Rd. ... Slate Run Rd. crosses backover Pine Creek but there is another public parking on right just before crossing the creek ... if you cross the creek on Slate Run Rd. and turn right (staying on Slate Run Rd.) , another block and there is Hotel Manor (570-753-8414) ,

if you pass Slate Run Rd. staying along the creek on 414 , a little farther down is Black Walnut Bottom ... there is a public parking lot there also ,

further past Black Walnut Bottom there are at least two more public parking lots along the rail (before you get to Cammal) ,

all these lots look to have direct easy access to Pine Creek for put-in/take-out

are you able to see these things D ??

Haven’t had the chance to look yet.
I’ll look when I can. Been working a lot of hours lately and only popping on now and then for short breaks. I haven’t had the chance to pull up Google Earth and get some ‘quality time’ with it.

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I used Google Maps …
… don’t know if Google Earth and Google Maps are the same thing , but you can zero in quickly and the area has street view (the little man) available along rt. 414 .

Found it on Google Earth.
I marked them and should be able to export those to my GPSr when I can get up that way. Hoping to spend some time up there this spring and take the family canoeing. Looks like it’s just shy of six miles from Blackwell to the campground. That’s a good run. About two hours if the water moves as fast as I remember. My eldest is expressing interest in learning to fly fish. She thinks it looks like ribbon dancing when I practice my cast in the back yard.

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