Big Pine Creek in Pennsylvania

If anyone is familiar with this creek and can tell me a put-in above Blackwell and a take-out below Blackwell, I’d be grateful. I’d be especially grateful if you happen to have and are willing to share the long/latt coordinates for the campground I know is below Blackwell somewhere (or other put-in/take-outs). I can’t find it on Google Earth. E-mail if you’re unwilling to post on the public site.

Thanks a million. Also posted on “Fishing” forum.

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Petticoat Junction campground

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That is the first campground below Blackwell. If you google below Blackwell, it is just before the first bridge on river left.

As far as a put in before Blackwell, the only good one I know of is at Ansonia, some 26 miles up river from the campground. There is one at Tiadotton,,+pa&fb=1&gl=us&ei=3y2BS6rrGpeOygThiMjrCA&ved=0CBMQpQY&view=map&geocode=Fb18ewIdYUZi-w&split=0&iwloc=A&sa=X

but the road down to it is supposed to be very rough. Pine Creek Outfitters won't go there. My uncle scouted it last year for me and he confirmed that it was very bad. Too bad to use in his opinion.

Nightswimmer knows the area very well. If he sees this he may be able to help.

bringing this back alive as i have some of the same interests. I’m familiar with Ansonia and that area.