Big Salmon River, Yukon, Canada

Has anyone paddled the Yukon Territory’s Big Salmon River during the past couple of seasons? I have run this river twice, but it was a long time ago. I am interested in knowing whether it has been “discovered” and overrun by visitors or whether it still offers a true wilderness experience. I’ve heard rumors that it has become a popular vacation destination for European paddlers and isn’t worth the trouble if one is looking for wilderness paddling. Any information would be appreciated. George

I was in the area 2 years ago
The Yukon River was running very High…I paddled the Pelly and saw only one other person on that river in 2 weeks for about an hour…I went up the McMillian (sp?)a ways and didn’t run into anybody…I can’t imagine the Little or Big Salmon Rivers having heavy traffic…

Book says so . . .
The new paddler’s guide claims it is “. . . one of the most popular wilderness canoe routes in the Yukon.”

I plan to go this summer, but I don’t expect it to be remote/isolated. I just want to check out the scenery much like the Green River which had hoards of traffic but was still something to see what with the interesting geology.

Another river I considered which is apparently much less traveled is the White and Donjek. Those sounded cool. Unfortunately sometimes the nicest rivers are the most traveled, and the ones where we find solitude are seldom traveled for a reason.

I kinda wish you hadn’t brought this up, as maybe even more people will want to go. For those people, I recommend the Green River (very nice, lots of company)

Happy trails.

Do the Pelly from Pelly Lake
to Pelly Crossing or Yukon…What does the Book say about that I saw one person on that river in almost 3 weeks…or the McMillian (sp)…there are many rivers up that way…