Big South Fork- Late April '09

I just recently relocated to the mid-west from Oregon and have been trying to get together a good weekend canoe trip for a group of friends. They are all varying skill levels, so a mellow class 1-2 float with 2 nights camping is what helped us decide to go with a portion of the Big South Fork.

I am curious though if any body has a favorite stretch of the river for a weekend trip? Possibly some suggestions for great campsites? GPS coordinates would be amazing! Maybe some input on the river conditions during that time of year.

We’re really looking forward to the trip and any information regarding Big South Fork would be great.

There’s an account in paddling places,
link below.

Just don’t put in above Leatherwood. That would not suit your group. You might want to visit

and look in the river database for thoughts on water levels and gauge monitoring.

Go to, that’s Sheltowee trace outfitters site. They run shuttles for the river and can take you into Tenn. and you can come back down to Blue Heron parking lot. It’s a great trip with camping sites any place you want. Just watch out for devils jump and one ohter section (can’t remember the name),they have maps pointing out these sections.

Have a great trip.


Thanks for the shuttle info
I live 45 mins. away from B.S.F.

Give me a hollar when U come down.

Also, check-out…Clear Creek, Clinch River, Obed/Emory

Camping at Lilly bridge, Nemo bridge, Frozen Head S.P.