Big Spoons paddles

does anyone out there own a BS paddle? they have no presence on the internet, and it would seem that they may not be in business. please enlighten me if you have any info.

yes, i setting here looking at 3 of them in the corner of the room, i like the ones i have, 2 150 touring, 1 full carbon, like it best,as its light, the 150 reminds me of the werner camano, camano is a little lighter though, i’ve looked for them, but haven’t seen any lately, got the 150’s off ebay.

Have Just One…

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it's a prototype surf paddle, 170 cm. Has big honkin' carbon blades (hence, "Big Spoons"?) and probably a fiberglass shaft because the weight is between the Onno and a glass Werner Player (too heavy). I love the blades (like 'em BIG). The blades feel smooth in the stroke but I still favored my lighter carbon Onno. Having snapped my Onno shaft in half going over a lip this weekend, I may start using the more robust Big Spoons more this winter.

Big Spoons paddle is the middle one of the five:


Unfortunate but the company may be gone. The old website,, doesn't seem to work...

many thanks
Sing, i’ve got paddle envy looking at that batch…