Big Swell

Happy New Year, everyone. Was paddling in fog yesterday in thick fog (with a small group of friends). It was surreal.

Question. Where does one go to find big swells. Note surfing.


Big Swells
Sorry about the typos. New Year’s Eve booze has not quite worn off.

What typos?
What typos?

Check out NSPN
North Shore Paddler’s Network. You can view the message boards without registering if you want, decent talk of places and conditions for paddling in your area.

BIG swells down there-- as in 16 feet–saw it on TITS2.

any where along RI or Mass or north…

Open ocean
Wind + fetch = big swell.

At 6’ 5" and 220#, I’m a big swell

Get Outa The Sound…

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of Long Island. LI blocks most of the prevailing swells we get in NE. Go northeast towards Groton, or into RI. Now you have exposed (currently Pond) Atlantic.

If you don't like to handle the surf zone, find a protected bay to launch from and head out the middle in deeper waters where swells don't break.

Just know this, BIG swells mean awesome power when these meet shallow bottom.

Hurricane season is the best time to find big swells without accompanying wind that is often the case with localized storms, i.e. nor'easters. Make sure it is fairly light wind day to go out unless you're strong paddler. One thing you don't want to do, if you're not a surfer, is to get pushed downwind to a vicious break if you aren't comfortable with surfing.


Praying for swells.

you forgot duration

url / swell
one of the best sites (I think) for checking out and predicting swell is magicseaweed.

NOAA Under Marine forecasts, will predict swell/wave heights and period for coastal and offshore waters. Also has current and historical buoy info.

Big Swell
Check out the following link for Long Beach, WA surf report. Typical for this time of year around here.