Big Water

I had a great weekend paddling. I took my Wildfire WG out on a river that was running about 370,000 cfs, did attainments for a couple of miles upstream and floated back. It was great, wish you could have been there.


Big Water Indeed!
Wow, that is a pretty healthy flow. I scanned the Texas streamflow data and the Brazos at Richmond was the highest flow reported at 72K cfs. And we’ve been flooding here for a couple of weeks. Guess not everything is bigger in Tejas after all :-)!

What? No pictures?
I wish I could have been there too. I am stuck at home wishing I was out in a boat.

How many miles wide is the river?

So, did you need advice suggestions,
general help, or did you just want to go talk about it on the Paddlers Discussion board?

Mississippi also…
…on Saturday evening…but here it is only ~250,000cfs.

What a surprise…
G2d is whining about “inappropriate posting”…

Who’s whining, you little pansy.
You and he can read the instructions for this forum as well as the rest of us.

Pansy? You crack me up…
I haven’t heard that word since like… 7th grade…

Thanks for the 2nd laugh of the day. The first was seeing you get bent out of shape about people posting on the “wrong” forum again. !!! :slight_smile:

You’re consistent of nothing else!!! :open_mouth:

I have hardly ever noticed you say
anything useful to anyone else, either on this forum or the others.

Every time someone puts a non-advice thread on this forum, it pushes someone’s legitimate inquiry off the bottom of the board. And it junks up the archives. At the moment, there are about four threads on here that do not meet the stated purpose of this board, but which would be just fine on the Paddlers Discussion forum. So, that’s four people with actual questions, or offering real advice (try it, you’ll build up your self esteem) who have been pushed off the page where they will not be seen, while the Discussion forum, a slower-moving page, goes without some new topics.

Hey davejjj, you got it! I love hearing all these folks talk about cfs and thought I might prevoke some thought about where 370,000 cfs exists. I reckon most pretty much knew what river this was.

From the looks of things the Brazos down in Texas might get that high. Hope they get a break from the rain soon.

Sure didn’t realize how uptight some people might get about this but noticed that more WW paddlers post in this section and thought they’d get a kick out of it. To p2g, lighten up buddy, this is just a paddling forum not a constitutional debate.