Big Yak Help Needed


I’m thinking of buying a Big Yak. I am new to Kayaking and need some advice before I make my purchase. I live about a mile from the Jersey coast so Surfing looks like main use. However, I would also like to paddle in the Delaware river and canal. The price seems to be right. I am 6’0

and 195 lbs. I don’t want to go on long journeys

with it. Am I making a good decision with this

purchase? Is there any other Kayaks I should



the “big Yak”… surfed one this weekend.

Mind you the one I used did NOT have thigh straps, but IMO this boat is terrible in the surf.

IMO, it really doesn’t turn at all- more like riding a pram into the beach.

I surf a purely rec boat (Mainstream Jazz). But, using thigh straps I can almost roll! I can get it over with the rail buried yet still keep it upright. It will carve a swwet line if the green water cooperates.

IMO I’d venture to guess there are plenty of rec boats as well as some more suited to waves that would be better. In addition, I couldn’t imagine paddling that barge in flat water unless I had a outboard on it…lol… JMO

BTW Norm, where in Jeresy? I go out of Seaside area if you want to try my boat…


I forgot to say I am about the same size and weight as you and for the surf, my small boat works fine… and you can’t beat the price!!

Big Yak Help Needed

Thanks for your imput. I’m going to get a blue

Jazz. No raft surfing for me. Thanks for your

tryout offer though. One more question: What

length paddle is best for this boat?


230 is what I’ve been using. Way to long for the surf. That is a touring paddle that I like but for the surf I am going to pick up a WW paddle.

Since the surf involves quickness over speed I’m looking for a high angle using maybe something like 190 or so. Wish I could try before I buy though…