Bigger Boys Sporty Day/Play Boats?

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I don't really see a need to own more then two boats for myself. A long boat (which I already have and happy with along with the families other long boat) and a sporty day boat. Since many paddlers are probably my size or larger (6' 220+lbs.)I wonder what you have found as a good sporty day/play boat for the larger person? I did trade for a used Avocet (excellent boat) but even in that I must keep my legs perfectly straight as I am a little to large to bend them much in there. A number of other boats I have tried for fun such as a Romany or Tempest 165, I found that I either was just a little to tight for my enjoyment or sunk it just deep enough in the water to take away some of its' lively characteristics. There really are a number of great boats out there, but often they are just body specific enough to determine who will be effective in them. Wondered what some other larger bodies have come to like for a sporty day use boat.

a few links…
Try this:

VCP Aquanaut RM might fit you.

Prijon kodiak
This boat easily handles the bigger paddlers. Monster keyhole cockpit, tons of leg and foot room, great handling and tough plastic.

That is my longer boat. Great boat and what I use for my boat, but wouldn’t quite catergorize it as being best as a sporty, day, play boat. The RM model isn’t at all an equal to the glass model in my opinion.

Capella 163
I would recommend giving the new Capella 163 a demo. It is alot different than the origonal Capella. I recently paddled a 161 and liked it alot, very playful.

How about…
a Tempest 170(not exactly a shorter play boat I know)…or Poseidon (Romany HV)?


link to Romany HV

plastic or glass?
Romany HV or Posedion, Necky Chatham 17, CD Sirraco/Gulfstream, P&H Capella, Dagger Meridian.

You have a few choices for playful boats in plastic or in glass.