Biggest Kayaking Store South Of Toronto, Canada

I have been reading quite a few paddling books, and just got started to explore the hobby. I live in Toronto, and there are lots of lakes around here, but not a lot of kayak stores that have a substantial selection. Selection is limited and prices are too high for some of them. So I am looking to drive south of the border to USA to get my gear over there. Can anyone suggest few good paddling stores to go in the state of New York. Hopefully after Covid is over I can go south.

Instead of waiting until the pandemic is over, I would suggest taking a day trip, the 3 hour drive to Frontenac Outfitters north of Kingston (or take the scenic 4 hour drive via Peterborough). Outstanding kayak shop! They carry the widest range of brands and models of boats of any outfitter I have visited anywhere down here: Wilderness Systems, Zegul, Eddyline, Dagger, Jackson, Perception, Delta, Impex, Tahe Marine and Boreal Designs. The only outfitters I know around Buffalo or Rochester NY only have 3 or 4 lines and seem to mostly specialize in heavy fishing kayaks (that includes Oak Orchard, which was suggested below).

I’m a Yank but have been to the shop, while visiting a kayaking buddy who lives in Kingston. They are adjacent to a small public lake so you can even test paddle there. That is probably as close or closer to you driving time-wise than any major US outfitter that you could reach crossing the border – and who knows when that will reopen?

Call them first if you decide to make the trip – most outfitters have adjusted their hours during the pandemic. They are on the edge of lovely Frontenac Provincial Park, by the way, so you could add a nice hike into the adventure,

Thanks Willowleaf, I really appreciate your comments, will sure visit there. Peterborough area is excellent Rock Hounding area too. Nice rocks and gems. Will definetly visit that shop.

I was there a couple of times (Peterborough) but only in the midst of winter, with my outdoor club to participate as a team in the notorious Ice Floe Race down the river!

When I was at Frontenac (fall 2017,2018?), they had a lot of high end boats (at least that’s what I noticed). It’s under new ownership in the last couple of years, so might not be the same.

Biggest annoyance was that they aren’t on the water. If you want to test paddle, they load up a trailer and head to water nearby.

Call White Squall in Parry Sound and see if/how they can help you out. They have recently undergone some major changes but it appears some boat sales are still happening and some things are available by appointment. It’s north of TO, but fairly close.

Have you visited The Complete Paddler down on Lakeshore?