Biggest Pump

I have Tsunami 17 and cockpit is huge. It takes so long to pump it out with your run-of-mill seattle sports or eastern mountain sports or any-thing-they-sell-at-the-kayak-store kind of pump.

Has anyone tried a larger pump and where did you get it?

I guess I could add some kind of foam to take up some the volume but its nice to be able to get to the rudder pedals if one slips or jambs.

rescue techniques
A boat like that is good motivation to learn to roll. Besides eskimo rolling, a cowboy rescue with a bow lift will get a lot of water out of most boats.

For the ultimate pump check out

Electric battery driven pump.

Battery powered sumersible pumps
Are made for home use. They take four regular “D” cells, and can be mounted behind your seat.

Peaceful paddling.

Harmony Brand
I go with the Harmony Brand:

Small grey rounded T-handle style grip

Exit port throws water away from your boat

Full-length orange foam sleeve comfortable to hold

Synthetic barrel and shaft won’t corrode.

Length: 16" long

Go battery powered
The electric pump I have is fitted into a foam block between the foot pegs and the hose is run along out to behind the seat. It is easy to turn on with a flick of your toe, and you just run the hose out when you need it. Yank hard on the hose and you can pull it out of the foam and pump out another paddlers boat.

Bluewater pump
Ouch $400 but it is cool!

Feathercraft hand pump
I’ve got 3 pumps and the Feathercraft one is hands down the fastest and highest volume unit I’ve used for clearing a swamped boat. (At $50 it had better be – I thought it was costly enough at $35 when I got it 10 years ago). But when you are paddling a boat with no bulkheads (only float bags) it’s a necessity. It throws a firehose stream way clear of the boat – makes it handy for water wars and knocking the Tilleys off insolent knaves. :slight_smile:

'lectric pump

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Pretend it's be a 'yak... twin pumps will empty a FULL canoo in a couple minutes so yer 'yak will empty in a blink o' de eye. Under $50.


aquabound large size
Made in USA-rebuildable and comes in two lengths. In our testing it moved water faster and smoother than the off shore Watermark and other pumps.