bike kayak trailers

I am thinking about buying a trailer so I can tow my 16 foot WS Tarpon sot kayak to the put in using my bike.Has anyone used a bike trailer ?

bike trailer

Not for kayaks
but there are pre-made trailers and plans for making your own out there.

I have Burley flatbed cargo trailer that I use for grocery shopping and runs to the homebrewing shop when I’m buying more than a backpack full of stuff. It’ll haul 100 lbs of cargo.

I live in a very hilly area, and even with a full load, you just shift down 3 or 4 gears from what you would normally use to go up a hill, and no biggie.

There is a decent sized lake and a river less than a mile in each direction from my house, and I have considered rigging up a dolly and a yoke to carry either one of my sea kayaks or my canoe to those locations. Just haven’t done it yet.

Look up paddleboy trailers.
I think I have seen these at canoecopia. I was interested but after giving them a close look I was pretty sure I could build something similar for a lot less $. Just my 2cents worth. Jaws

Two guys on Tybee Island use those
There may be others also, but I’ve seen 2 guys using those.

Set-ups are similar, using a long tongue and foam pads on what appears to be a light portage cart.

3 wheeled trike with hitch
Trikes yield exercise and make stable platform for trailer

Here’s one I’ve seen
I’ve seen this one in action but never used it.

Not me
I’ve thought about it, and want to. I think those Wike ones are likely the best value. Here’s another link for some that are likely better for the long haul:

He also sells a pop-up camper trailer for a bike!

Bike Kayak Trailer
I have the PB Flyer Bike Trailer Kayak cart. I use this to tow a 14 foot kayak and it’s not bad. This connects to the wheel bolt on your bike instead of the seat post. I have heard this is a better set up. The long hitch does have a lot of flex but if you are riding on paved roads or trails its ok. I have only used it few times and I always get a lot of looks from the bike riders on the trail. They seem to really like it. My reason for purchasing it was so I could run the local river and not have to paddle up and back down. Now I can drop my bike off at the takeout and park the truck at the put in. I break the trailer down and then strap the tires on the back of the kayak and the rest goes in the cockpit with me or in the back hatch. It is a work out though biking back to the truck but I still manage to do it much faster the paddle down to the takeout. Great excercise too since you use your upper body paddeling and then your lower body biking.

Here is the link
I saw the bike trailer at the put-in and read the label, which said “

I wish they had measurements on their website. The dolly disassembles completely, but I don’t know if the parts would fit in my kayak hatches.