Bike pump?

Sorry if this question has been done before.

I have an Adavanced Elements Air Frame IK and was wondering if anyone had tried that ‘Air Daddy’ device that apparently lets you use a bicycle pump to inflate the boat.

This would not be something I would do on a regular basis (foot bellows would be the preferred method), but as a space and perhaps weight saving emergency option.

Any feedback welcome!

High pressure + low volume
= bike pump. Ye’ll be thaar fer days pumpin’ up an inflatable boat dat requires 1-2 psi an’ many cubic feets of air.


pump from
At the very least, if you go for a bike pump, try one made for a mountain bike. They are lower pressure and higher volume than those made for road bikes (though still much higher pressure than what your kayak uses).

I have been considering carrying one of the little hand pumps that comes with inflatable exercise balls with me as an emergency pump. Here is one like the one that came with an exercise ball I have. likely would be a lot of pumping to get to pressure, but better in an emergency than not having a pump.

balloon pump

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If you need a decent emergency backup pump try a balloon pump:

$1 at finer dollar stores everywhere. I carry one of these with a spare hose rigged up to fit the valves. It would inflate your AE completely in about 45 minutes (I tried with a similar sized inflatable). I think this is the same kind of thing Peter is referring to above.