Bike rack using a hitch set up

Any insight on what I should look for in purchasing a bike rack to fit a 2" hitch for a Highlander? I like to get one that’ll handle 4 bikes. Seems like the double-armed rack might be more stable than the single. Just wondering if any of the biking community has some good tips. Thanks!

never saw a single arm one
We have the double and it does carry 4 bikes nicely. Also has a pivot so we can get into the tailgate with bikes removed.

I highly reccomend the Yakama.
It has one arm, but there’s an extended tray that cradles the top tube. There’s also a piece that contacts the down tube to stabalize the bikes and prevent sway.


We have the Yakama Hookup Plus Two. Its definitely not cheap, but we paid $26,500 for the “like new” Nissan Murano and her road bike is an all carbon Trek 5200, I’ve got a Felt 65, and our mountian bikes all retail for around $3000. The day we brought the Murano home I put a hitch on it just to carry bikes. The bikes never touch the car, don’t touch each other, and the rack only touches the tires, and its secure as any. Love it. The original rack hauls two, and we bought the extender that hauls two more. Perfect. Drove over the pass 4 hrs to Winthrop, no problem.


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I bought a Yakama two pronged bike rack a few years ago for my trailer hitch and I think they still sell them. The only problem I've had is in fitting some of my smaller kids bikes on there. Four adult bikes are no problem.

Check out:

I got this rack a couple of years ago (when it was a lot cheaper than it is now) and really love it. Stable, easy load/unload, well constructed, etc.