Bike tube patch for a latex gasket?

I just discovered a small slit in my drysuit’s neck gasket. These are the original gaskets in a suit that is more than 3 years old. However, they are in good shape other than this slit, which is less than 1/4 inch long.

Has anybody patched small holes like this with a butyl patch, the type used for fixing bike tube flats? I have used butyl patches and standard cement on latex bike tubes, so I know it will stick. I am just wondering if there are any problems with doing this.

And yes, I will replace the gasket itself within a year.

Used A Patch On An Edge Tear
on the kokatat. Got away with it for several sessions before my Palm came in. It was seperating a bit since the edge is a high stretched/stressed area. I suspect if you tear is not at the edge, the patch would last longer.


should work…
I’d also throw a dab of Aquaseal on it as well to make sure that it’s solidly repaired. Since it’s a slit and not a tear, you probably can still get a lot of use out of that gasket.