biking and kayaking vacation

i’m thinking of going to harpers ferry area and hancock pa.with wife and 12 year daughter to ride the maryland western trial and c.o. trail. i also like to go to abington, va. to ride virgina creeper trail. For kayaking ,i have my own kayaks, but would rent them in these areas. i need recommendation on specific places to stay. i basicly do flat water. lastly, on east coast what other great places for kayaking and biking? (biking is with out motor on rail to trails)

Shepherdstown, WV
is a nice little town, with a few hotels (Days Inn, Clarion, I think) right in or near town. And it is right next to the C&O canal bike path. You are also only a few miles from my favorite Civil War battlefield–Antietam–and I highly recommend that you ride your bikes on the driving tour rather than drive it. I take students on a 12 day Civil War tour every year, and for the first few years we piled in and out of vans and did the driving tour. Last time we rented bikes, and saw so much more than we ever did in those vans. Their isn’t much elevation or traffic between the Visitors center and the tower at Bloody Lane. You do have to do some hills and cross a busy road to get to Burnside bridge. If your kids are young and not ready for the full tour, ride the tour to Bloody Lane, then loop back to the visitors center. You can drive over to Burnside bridge easily.

Biking from Shepherdstown into Harper’s Ferry is a great way to approach that very dramatic setting. And the very steep hike up to Maryland Heights is well worth it. The view is incredible.

The Greenbrier River trail in WV is one of my favorites. Easy access from I-64 and you can use your bikes to help run shuttle. I usually camp at Watoga Park and drop my van off downstream, ride the bike trail back to my campsite, and then paddle down to the van. Check it out at

What’s the river like?
Whitewater or calm/Class I-II?

Pine Creek, Pa. Ansonia to Jersey Shore, Pa. is a wonderful class I-II approx. 50 mile excursion.

Just alongside of Pine Creek is the rails to trails bike/foot path. Check out Pinecreek Outfitters website. I’ve used them in the past for shuttle services, since we bring our own yaks.

The Greenbrier is mostly flat with occasional class 1/2.

What month are you planning to do this trip? Where are you from; and what is your tolerance for heat and humidity?

i’m original poster
i think i like to go vacation june or august. i’m from the kayak capital of us , south jersey just kidding.we can travel north , west or south.i’m more into calm or class one paddling.the posts are very good. before i got into kayaking and biking i been to these places.i like to thank posters because only a locate person can really bring the best about an area.thanks for great post on antietam.any infor on letchworth state park in n.y… to quote Frank of the outdoor club of south jersey see you on the water