bilge pump opinions

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for those of us who use a hand pump, are there any that stand out as being superior to others? i have a Scott and it works fine generally but have not tried others. i see that Wilderness Systems make one that they claim is better than others through clever design. does anyone have expierience with this pump?

thanks and happy paddling.

Aquabound makes the best by far…
they are awesome. I have actually had competitions to make sure that they are the best hand pumps out there. They shot more water a lot farther than all the competition. Next time you see one see for yourself.


if you have a boat that you plan on keeping or you plan on doing any surf launches with enough surf to wash over your boat while putting the skirt on and paddling out. It would be good to save you hand pump as a lender or for those Cleopatra needles (hatch flooded, someone forgot the cover). Consider installing a foot pump or a C50 or possiabially a submersiable battery operated pump, all with a spit hole. so you can leave your skirt intact and pump. I prefer the footpump, while not real fast, you can paddle and give a kick or two as you go out thru the surf. Also if it’s a part of the boat, you never will forget it at home , unless you forgot your boat.

just a thought …etc…

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down the road i will consider electric
but for now, i will have to make due with a hand pump, and will check out the Aquabound version. thanks for the experience based input.

ultimately it does seem like an electric pump will be important, especially if i push the envelope on an ocean trip.

I have a YELLOW and blue pump
I like it because it matches 2 of my yaks…

I got the same one, Lindabaron!

I just ordered both of our new boats with foot pumps installed and carrying a backup stowed in the cockpit for a spare. I always wondered what I would do if the pump became detached and lost, or just left somewhere…

Now we won’t have to worry about that anymore.


My personal experience:

– Last Updated: Dec-12-05 11:34 AM EST –

Beckson (gray & red): Not sexy, still working after all of these years. Taken apart once for cleaning, works like new.

Aquabound (yellow): Really threw a a stream of water when new. After a day of water battles on the Youghiogheny River (while rafting) it siezed up. I disassembled it, cleaned it, lubed it with silicone grease, but it still functions only at about a 85% level. Q: Why is it necessary to throw a stream of water 20 ft when emptying a kayak? Is this a waste of energy?

Wilderness Systems (grey & orange): Least experience personally, seems to move a decent amount of water at a low pressure. So far, gets my vote for best design.

Pumpaholic, and proud of it

Hand Pump
The Voyager pump by wilderness Systems is by far the fastest at removing water.


sexy bilge pump??
thanks for your input folks. i only wish the retailers (save for those on the water…) had a big tank with all the pumps in stock so i could try them myself.

thanks again.


re: Aquabound problems

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I have also had problems with the Aquabound.
I purchased it when I sold the Beckson with my old boat. I thought it looked pretty cool, for a hand pump ; - )

Initially mine worked fine, but after nearly two years of light usage it has become incredibly hard to remove water with the unit.
I tried disassembly, cleaning and lubrication. I didn't see any obvious problems and the effort made little difference.

I would estmate that my pump's efficiency dropped below 40% and boy was it a chore to use. Even my paddlemates couldn't believe the effort. I recently returned mine to Aquabound. They indicate that they are sending a new replacement, but they provided no insight into the reason for the pump's problems.

Anyone looking for a new Aquabound pump? ; - )
Safe Paddling,

I Am Going To Check
I read down through this thread and there were several people who have had issues with pumps. I dont remember who makes my pump or what color it is. It does have a piece of foam on it for floatation. I assume it works but Ive never tried it. I am going to try it the next time I go for a paddle.


Just make sure it is one with…
the large discharge, (about 1-1/2") and it pumps both ways, (on the push and the pull).

I can empty my cockpit in less than a minute.



I will admot that I abused the Aquabound. Traditional method of water removal from a Voyageur raft on the Yough is via a gallon milk jug cut up for a bailing bucket. I was curious as to how well a pump would work, and an added bonus was the ability to drench the kids in other rafts. There was probably quite a bit of sand and debris in the raft’s bilges, and letting adolescents use it didn’t help either!

One thing I did not try was cleaning the shaft with a Scotch Brite pad. If that works, I will post a solution.

But it sure threw water when new!


I like Scott
I own three differnet brand hand bilge pumps and I like my Scott the best.

Wildwasser shortie
I have a Rapid Runner LiPolymer hi density bilge. But for others and as a back up the system I have

Wildwasser shorty. Stainless shaft, simple design can fit across your seat in back of you, along seat or in a knee tube position. It is as fast as the larger one due to efficient and low friction operation.


Pump should be able to take some

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abuse. Heck, it's a bilge pump, not a delicate high tech toy. ;-)

Jim, I understand what you are saying, but it doesn't sound like you seriously abused the pump.
Now if you have been using it to remove vast amounts of solvent contaminated sludge from your boat that's a different story :-o

In my case the pump was certainly not abused, but it sounds like the effectiveness of my Aquabound may even be more diminished than yours.

I will definitely agree with your comments on the Beckson. I never had a lick of problems with it.
It wasn't as 'sexy' looking as the Aquabound, but the mechanics always worked cleanly with no diminished capacity.

At the moment I have switched to the Wildwasser Evan mentions below. It will be interesting to see if I receive any feedback from Aquabound.

Safe paddling,