Bilge pump to inflate air bags?

Does anyone use a bilge pump to inflate 48" canoe air bags?

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Not sure if you’re referring to an electric or manual pump, but bilge pumps are intended to move water, not air, so I don’t think it would be terribly effective.

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I have an air pump that can be used as a bilge pump. It’s a high-volume, low-pressure hand pump I got for inflating a Sevylor Tahiti Classic. The manual specifically said that in an emergency it could be used to pump water, but that as soon as possible afterward it should be taken apart and cleaned.

Non electric either way. My argument: air and water are both fluids and plastic is generally waterproof if air dried a bit later.

You might get moisture inside the air bags, so I’d make sure the pump was good and dry first, to avoid mold inside the bag. Otherwise, worth a shot.