Bill Mason Fans

Wha Ho, Pilgrims;

Ta all ye Bill Mason fans…

Ken Buck has written a biography ‘Bill Mason: Wilderness Artist, from Heart to Hand’ about the late Bill Mason which is to be released in the next couple of weeks.

Fat Elmo

One of those people I always wanted to meet. When he died from cancer, was almost like someone in my family died. One of these days I would love to go up to Canada and take a class with Becky Mason. Will be watching for the book. WW

I read Mason’s autobiography.
It came out some years ago. I can’t recall the title but enjoyed it somewhat. I will look for the new one… thanks.

Good Timing
I just watched Waterwalker the other night (for the at least 30th time) and was reminded how much I enjoyed his being.

I actaully went as him for Holloween,one year, but no one got why I had on tight shorts, a flanel shirt, floppy hat, and a bandana worn rakishly around my neck. I started every sentence by saying “It’s funny” or “You know how it is”.

I look forward to reading the upcoming bio.

Old Bill Mason biography

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Wha ho!

The older biography was called 'Fire In The Bones' by James Raffen (if I remember right). This newest one is written by Ken Buck who (along with Blake James) filmed much of Bill Mason's Path Of The Paddle series, Song Of The Paddle and Waterwalker and worked with Bill for many years. You can get more information or purchase the book thru the Mason website

or for US residents - has it available, saving on the costly postage from Canada to the states. I ordered mine a week ago from Amazon for $29.95 and free shipping. It will supposedly ship by the end of this month.

Fat Elmo

Good book
I got mine yesterday. Looks likea very good read.

Cheers…Joe O’


It’s funny but you really got me chuckling there.

I usually save my oft viewed copy of Waterwalker for when everythings been frozen over for weeks & many more remain before ice out but you’re tempting me

Very clever post !