Billiard's talc and wrist gaskets.

Any tips for getting latex gaskets off over damp wrists?

I have a two-piece drysuit, so I wear the pants while driving to my launch site then put on the top after the boat is unloaded and ready to go. No problem putting on the top and zipping the two pieces but on Sunday, getting the top off was a nightmare (or a clip for “America’s Funniest Videos.”)

I had pulled the neck gasket up and over my head, but I couldn’t get the gasket off my wrist nor could I see anything but the inside of the top. Couldn’t pull the neck gasket back down as my left hand was trapped in the wrist gasket. It was like wearing a straight jacket. Someone finally came to my aid (in between fits of laughter) and pulled the sleeve off for me. Didn’t have that problem the previous day so I’m not quite sure what went wrong.

I’ve read that using talc helps, specifically Billiard’s talc. Any truth to that?


I use this

it helps getting it on not sure it help any getting the latex seals off though.

Might change my order of layers
on the chance one of my sleeves caused the problem. Also will check the local health food store to see what talc they have.

The Trident product looks good, except for the shipping cost.


I’ve heard about using talcum…
…but never tried it. I’ve found that if I treat the gaskets with 303 regularly I don’t have that problem.

On a long trip gaskets can get pretty grabby due to sweat and dirt and getting them over my hands can cause problems so I always take some 303 packets and treat those buggers every 4 days or so.


Talc works for putting it ON…

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...but once everything is wet, it's not likely to help and will probably just make a mess.

Based on your description, it sounds like your seals are way too tight. It should not be that difficult to get out of a dry top or suit. Trim the seals to a comfortable fit and that will likely solve your problem.

Also, make sure you pull the jacket waist up to at least your ribs to creates some slack so you can easily pull the sleeves off. I prefer to pull the neck seal over my head, then pull the jacket over my head, before attempting to take off the sleeves. This is essentially the opposite of the way I put the jacket on.

As for the type of talc, the only thing that matters is that it's 100% UNSCENTED talc. I use "tire talc" that's made for the automotive industry. It's available inexpensively online.

Wrist gaskets had been stretched

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so they slide on easily, but maybe they need to go back over cans for a couple of days.

Normally I start by pulling it on my left arm, then right arm, then pull the neck and gasket over my head. Take it off in reverse. I've been wearing the drysuit regularly and Sunday was the first time I got stuck getting the top off.

Just tried your method five minutes ago. Put on the top then took it off by getting my head out completely, then the arms. That takes some wiggling because the "hook & loop" tabs of the cummerbund don't stay detached so it's not as loose around the waist area as it could be. Thinking back, that might have been what happened on Sunday: I couldn't hitch the top up far enough to get my arm out. I admit I was in a hurry to get it off because I was getting overheated.

Maybe making sure the tabs are attached as far back as I can get them to stick is a solution.

I also had treated the inside of the wrist gaskets with 303 tonight, so they came off easily (thanks, Jon).

Thank you for mentioning your method. I wouldn't have tried it otherwise.

Recommends 303 at specific intervals. Gaskets are wiped dry after application per 303 n Koka direction. See Kokatat online.

I treated gaskets after cleaning into stirage. Gaskets dissolved. K suggested too much 303 left on …

Thank you, DK
The inside of the gasket absorbed the 303 quickly so there was really no residue to wipe off. But I did anyway just to be on the safe side.

You’re welcome
This is a common problem with dry tops and two-piece dry suits, that doesn’t exist with one-piece dry suits. The former are commonly very tight at the waist, whereas one-piece suits generally aren’t. I’ve experienced exactly what you described.

There is also a certain degree of claustrophobia/panic that can set in when you get stuck trying to remove the top, which leads to a lot of struggling that just makes the situation worse…or more comical, depending on your viewpoint.

that second paragraph
…is why I started taking my drysuit off head first as you describe. It just worked easier and faster.