Ok, well I figure this is the place to post this video since wilderness trippin’ and biodiversity should be compatable … So, here’s a short video of only a few of the Green & Colorado River Plants and Animals to be seen by the curious… I car-camped along the Colorado above Moab for three days before my seven days on the Green River between Ruby Ranch and Spanish Bottom. The biodiversity and animal behavior was amazing, once I took the time to look and listen for it …

Which begs the question - we spend so much time on gear, food and planning, how many of you delve in to the ‘nature’ of things on your paddle trips? Just askin is all … ;0)

Here’s the video:

I like watchin’ . . .
. . . Mother Nature as I paddle.

I’m a big fan of wildlife observation.
Birds and dolphins can show you where the fish are. Ants can give you a local weather forecast in the way they tend their mounds. Birds can also inform you when a patch of rice is ripe for harvesting.

You can learn a lot from watching nature.

that’s what it’s all about now…
Oh yeah,

The environment and atmosphere is what it’s all about these days! I’ve always enjoyed relaying my backcountry experiences…images and info…to the right people for the appropriate study/action. Usually add my description(s) of locations, however GPS and wireless data communication is providing the additional speedy avenues to touch base with others.

That’s the ONLY reason that I go out there. THAT - and to get away from STOOPITS! : )

That is BEAUTIFUL, MON! Just freakin’ beautiful. I needed that reeely bad. I need a river trip REEEEELY bad and I have wanted to do that one for years. Tell us some more stuff about your trip. Email me if you prefer. Was it solo? Did you carry all your water? Find any to drink along the way? What do you wish you had brought/not brought with you? THANKS MAN!!

hey Azure,

thanks! yeah, I think about mid-winter when the snow is piled high up here at 8,300 feet in the Colorado mountains I’ll be watching the videos of that trip over and over, dreaming of the next adventure.

It was a solo trip and below are the links to videos and photos. If you have specific questions feel free to email me…



I’m trying to learn about wild harvesting. Last year we did a fantastic loop trip near Elliot Lake, Ontario (about seven hours north of Toronto) and ate fried bull-rush root, lake trout, blueberries (of course) and washed it all down with Labrador and Wintergreen Tea. 'Twas lovely.

Love your video - Would LOVE to do that trip. We did some camping above Capital Reef a couple years ago. Beautiful.

The Biodiversity In The Colorado
River Basin is being destroyed. Dams, diversions, invasive species, agriculture and even recreationists are having a negative impact. Hope your love for the area keeps you informed of it’s needs.

Great video
Each time I sit in a boat I am kind of excited about what I may see on the water.

Viewing wildlife is a lot of the reason I enjoy paddling so much.

As I get a little older I appreciate more and more the short trips I take to different parts of the country to paddle and surround myself with natural beauty. It is a fantastic hobby.