BioLite stove: anyone used it?

I saw this novel concept a few days ago. A stove that burns twigs, leaves(?) and other wood scraps to cook with - and provides charging via a USB outlet.

What I wonder is if this functions like the Sierra Zip stove in terms of burning twigs or other wood debris. The charging part sounds interesting also.

I need a new camp toy to play with (but not if it’s just a gimmick).

Its been around a while
I’ve not used one. I know folks that hate it after using it for a couple of weeks.

There are lots of reviews. Just one here

Don’t know if you still have to have the fire going… to charge electronics. I suppose you do. My cell phone does not like fire. I can kick over burning devices and cause electronica meltdown. But thats just me.

Send me the hundred bucks!


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Doh! That makes a lot of sense, the part about phones (or cameras) and fire not being compatible.

Thanks, I'm not sure about the $100 but I probably owe you something. The dang pot alone is $49.99.

I like it
Had one for a few years, mostly relegated to backup use and/or entertainment factor.

Charges slow and won’t charge anything that’s dead. Powers an internal fan that really stokes a hot fire. Actually makes a nice low impact campfire.

Pans get black.

Kinda Works

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Bio Lite stove works with a Seebeck junction. This is a Peltier junction in reverse. A Peltier junction gets hot on one side and cool on the other, when power is applied and how the 12V coolers work. This gives power for heat difference.

I work at a non-profit that has developed a tablet computer to be rugged and send into 3rd world countries. As part of this, I've researched all kinds of ways to charge batteries. It comes down to this: for the money and weight, you can't beat solar. Everything else is a magnitude worse.

I've build a 12V charger that provides 12A on 1L of gas per hour. I've built Seebeck generators like the BioLite, but a little more efficient. It is a waste. I would take a battery pack being charge by a flexible solar panel on the hull over all of them. You can get self contained solar cell and battery units.

For a wood stove, I would go with the Solo Stove Lite, which is a knock off of the Bush Lite. This is a gasification stove and works well. And doesn't pretend to charge a phone.

hey thanks!
Good info. Will check that stove out.