BioLite Stove for cooking and charging?

Do you think the BioLite ( stove would be a good option for keeping electronics charged on an extended trip?

I really don’t know how long I’ll be out there, but I imagine it will bee close to 2 months (roughly 2400 miles). I was trying to figure out how I was going to power the few electronics I’ll carry, GPS, maybe some sort of communication device (sat phone?) lights, camera, maybe an e-reader or tablet. I figured my only options were to carry lots of batteries or a solar panel. Perhaps the BioLite stove would be a good option being dual purpose.

What do you think?

Disclaimer: I have no interest in BioLite stoves other than potentially owning one.

It does not seem to work that well
for charging electronics. And it eats wood quickly.

One BioLite user had it on two major trips

id go 12v
Use 6v latern batteries wired to combine voltage. Then use solar panels to top them off. Just a thought.

Ryan L.

Thanks for the reply. The rough consensus is they don’t work all that well. I guess I’ll stick with solar alone.

There are quite a few reviews on
You Tube about the BioLite stove. I did not watch them all. But it seems you need to keep a fire going for a long time to do serious recharging.

And it does not seem to be a unit you can walk away from and do something else for half an hour.

Not much electricity
2 watts continuous at 5 volts = 400 milliamps.

That’s less than the USB standard 500 milliamp output.

So it will charge things slower than a standard USB charger.

Some devices, like large tablets won’t charge on standard USB, they need more current.

My Android phone takes about 4 hours to fully charge. Are you willing to tend a fire for 4 hours?

I suppose if your usage of electronic gadgets is limited, and you only need to keep them “topped up” then this would work. Doesn’t seem practical if your gadget use makes a serious dent in the battery.

Personally i’d look at the Brunton solar panels that fold out and roll up.

Goal Zero - Solar Charger
These units are used all over the world

and have a great reputation, numerous reviews.