Bioluminescence Cocoa each area

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Does anybody have knowledge of where I can launch kayaks to best experience the bioluminescence in the Cocoa Beach area.

I’m not sure it’s the best…

This is where we have launched from. We usually head north under the bridge, then left up a canal. It’s easy to find and hard to get lost.

The locals seem to have various spots and it can be better in one or another. We’ve only done this trip twice, and were quite pleased each time.


Ron Jon’s…


I lived down the street n bicycled thru there on way to Titus.

Question asks, is the bio -L related to the Sea Ray ?

Haulover Canal
Keep in mind that the moon and bright city lights washes out bioluminescence. A remote location, far from city lights is best.

My favorite location around Titusville is Haulover canal, although lights from Titusville are still an issue. There’s some launch info for kayakers at . Just a warning, the mosquitoes here might just carry you away – applying bug dope before you get out of the car, and a head-net (until you are on the water) might help preserve your sanity.

The best location in Florida that I have witnessed bioluminescence is Cayo Costa island (North of Sanibel). On one occasion during a night paddle the bow wave glowed brightly, each paddle stroke was illuminated and you could easily see a glowing trail behind you, marking your path. Fish that passed underneath created huge glowing tracers, the bigger the fish the bigger the “beam”. Waves gently rolling onto shore glowed brightly and lit the beach. We had a face-mask along, and did some rolls. For the spectators the whole display looked like fireworks. For the person rolling, you were completely enveloped in a light show. Unforgettable!

Greg Stamer

more bioluminesence

Cayo area is shallow ……I haven’t heard anyone touting luminescence tho…

Cayo is a camping trip from James Island Marinas to Cayo and back or down n around from Redfish Pass

Charlotte has a Tarpon festival where northerners come down in sports fishing boats to torture large fish

I locked myself out of the car parked up on the culdesac on Turtle Mound north of Mosquito Lagoon before the area was sprayed or seriously sprayed abt 1993.

Getting back in took maybe 30-45 minutes. Bitten several times by unusual mosquito forms I began counting with 25 different mosquito forms heading north over the mound.

Look at a map from Merrit Island over to Orlando

….check S&T for overland routes