Can anyone tell me if boluminescence can still be seen on full moon paddles or do you have to paddle during a small or covered moon night?

Some of our best bioluminescent trips…
…have been on full moon nights.

Has anyone had any luck photographing this phenomenon?

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great question! With the low light levels and all the motion involved, how would one set up for that situation? Now that you mention it, in all the slide shows I’ve seen, I have never seen it captured in an image.

Amazing how it dresses up a boring old bow wake. Paddling in bioluminescence really brings out the childlike fascination in people, doesn’t it.


Not sure what you have in mind
In mid-summer we often get Red tide algae blooms, they cause intense flashes of blue-green light in the waves or if you paddle or your boat moves through the water. Best place to watch is on a totally dark night away from city lights. We have captured waves lighting up. I’ll see if I can dig out some of the photos. Also when you run accross the beach your foot prints light up. We have a photo of this too. As you can imagine they are very low-light and not the best, but we cheat and enhance the exposure digitally.

Only one I can find the file …

Not the best but you get the idea…

Cant comment on paddling experiences but have hundreds of hours night diving here in south Florida. I just didnt notice a difference, however algae blooms were definitely more intense on the full moon particularly during the summer months. Turning off your dive light and fanning your hand through the water was a great light show.


Can be seen during full moon, but…
is much more impressive on a new moon paddle. It’s easier to see in the dark. Go into a cove with shadows if you’re out with a full moon.

The most amazing trip I’ve taken was a guided tour in Peurto Rico in a bioluminescent bay. The moon was nearly full. The guide told us the show would have been better with less light. We got out of the kayaks and swam in the plankton. Soooo cool. The guide told a young boy that if he took a leak it would look like Luke Skywalker’s light saber. That made me wish that I had male anatomy and also kept me away from the kid. I’m sure he tried it, wouldn’t you? I took photos that night, the guide said that the bioluminescence doesn’t show up in photos. He was right, but I’ve got to believe that with the right exposure, it would work.