birch bark canoe

I am interested in building a birch bark canoe but I do not know how. Anyone have any info on this? Looking for where to get supplies, kits, any advise on what to do or not do…

has anyone out ther built one before?


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If you havn't already, read "The survival of the birch bark canoe" by John Mc Phee.
Then google.
Then get some wood and see what happens.

contact the Canadian Canoe Museum
lots of resources there.

here’s a cool website

check out living history sites.There are people who build them and paddle them on period correct canoe expiditions.


The WCHA site is temporarily down, but when it gets back up there are some bark canoe builders on there that post regularly.

There is quite a bit of information here:

Here is Henry Vallaincourt’s site:

These links are super interesting. I do not see any weight listed? Does anyone know an approximate weight?

yes here
HI- I build bark canoes.

Get any books…by david gidmark all of his are DETAILED about bark canoe building…he is THE man.

Check Amazon for the books etc…

Will take you about 400 hour for a 14 footer to build NOT counting researhing and learning etc.

Better Yet take a two week class (myabe one week) with john Lindman with the bark canoe store I think this is the website…the other poster has it too. Its WELL worth it…build YOUR own …I took his class years ago…worth the 800 bucks for two weeks…isnt that about 50 bucks a day? jee what a deal to learn something few know…

anyway… if you dont take the class you can buy all the supplies from HIM directly including rolls of bark which he gets from Siberia since there is really not much good bark left in the americas

have fun