Bird dropping(s) on composite finish..

Thanks for all the advice about protectant!

Now, another boat finish question…

Anybody know how to diminish the whitish haze left by a bird dropping on the deck of my clearcoat/red & silver metalflake boat? What the heck is in that? Something like ammonia?

I know I’m getting a bit fussy, but I like to do my best to take care of my stuff!


Sorry DP gotta say it . OMG wsh it off !

Use a damp paer towel and then
the hose.

Yep - something like ammonia.
Ever smelled around where starlings congregate?

Be Thankful…
…the droppings aren’t from gulls feeding on squid - the squid ink stains really badly - our sailboat got bombed on her mooring many years ago, and the purplish stains were still visible when we sold it several years later :->))

Of course I washed it off!
…but is did something to the finish…it has a white haze to it…is this Patrick?

its acid etched
Bird droppings are concentrated to minimize water loss. So the uric acid is strong stuff. Eats through automotive clear coats too.

use a light
rubbin comp[ound for the hull material , auto stores - marine - an big box places -oughta take the stain out .

Any bird dropping should be washed off
asap. If it has stained then a mild abrasive polish may remove it depending on how long it was on the surface.